A small agency with BIG Friends ...

Chris Bullick
Chris Bullick Managing Director Ex Procter & Gamble & Motorola where he was EMEA Marketing Director, Chris is from the marketing old school, but full of new school ideas.

“The Internet has changed everything – and nothing”.

Alex Blomfield
Alex Blomfield Director Alex began his career with a degree in Marketing, which was quite an achievement as he can’t even spell his name. He worked in a number of advertising agencies such as KHBB and BHO focusing on TV advertising, before deciding he wanted to get a real job down with the kids in design.
Manoj Shah
Manoj Shah Digital Director Starting his career at research house Taylor Nelson, Manoj is proof time travel is possible. He travelled back from the year 3000 to show us all how website technologies change.

Then had a Sambuca and couldn’t drive home.

Dean Corney
Dean Corney Operations Director Fifteen years experience of managing agencies and accounts - 3M, Henri Lloyd, Chaucer Direct Insurance, John Lewis & ICE. Dean is known as tirelessly organised, ruthlessly efficient & charmingly friendly.

But dancingly & singingly challenged.

Darren Cornwall
Darren Cornwall Director Off the wall creative but obsessed with precision, Darren has over 20 years of industry experience in design. If you want to know more about the latest trends in design or taekwondo then Darren’s your man...
Adam Smith
Adam Smith Designer Adam is a talented and diligent designer. His fondness for semi-impractical late 80s cars leaves him wistfully yearning for an older more sophisticated time… until his phone rings that is.
Amanda Laycock
Amanda Laycock Office Administrator Amanda works four days a week keeping the office in check. She spends the rest of her time walking her two dogs, going to spinning classes and maybe, just maybe living the adventurous life of an international super spy.
Amy Saunders
Amy Saunders Head of Client Services Amy has worked at Pull since 2009 and has worked in the creative agency arena for over 12 years. Amy heads up our Account Management department and loves her job because no two days are ever the same, from planning a multi channel campaign one day to interviewing 16 santas...
Dija Mulla
Dija Mulla Social Content & New Media Specialist With a mug of green tea in hand, a few quick taps on the keyboard, and linguistic wizardry, Dija manages to transform even the most mind numbingly dull topic into an enthralling piece of content.
James Smith
James Smith Designer James uses his creative energy in everything he does, from his design work to his fancy dress costumes. He has a weakness for only two things, monster energy drinks and his cat Mia.
Louise Hannaway
Louise Hannaway Account Manager Louise spends her time at Pull looking after a portfolio of accounts including Ernst & Young, DAPW and British Hair. Louise has been with the company for 2 years but took some time out to get married and have her little boy Leo; it was an eventful few months to say the least!
Rebecca Granshaw
Rebecca Granshaw Senior Digital Account Manager With an iPad under arm & fancy necklace for every day of the week, Rebecca blends techy expertise with creative marketing ideas for perfect ROI. It's a recipe refined at JAMIE OLIVER.
Sean Palmer
Sean Palmer Front End Developer No one has ever seen Sean standing upright. He spends all his time spinning on his head and doing ‘hand hops’ which he thinks can help him build websites. Scientists have yet to prove it.
Simon George
Simon George Front End Developer As an ex rock vocalist, fashion designer, vegetarian cook extraordinaire and web development genius, there is literally nothing Simon can’t do – apart from maybe juggle five smart phones…with his feet.
Simon Mann
Simon Mann Digital Project Manager With his expert organisational skills and super calm exterior, Simon Mann is the man when it comes to managing projects. The best thing you can do for Simon is start a conversation about daschunds or Take That. The worst thing you can do is say something negative about Apple products.
Simon Parker
Simon Parker Digital Services Manager Simon is the master of pointless Ebay purchases. And despite appearing to be reasonably intelligent, he still manages to leave his car lights on at least twice a week. These inadequacies aside, he remains technically gifted, and a dab hand at Development, CSS & JQuery.
Shaun Levett
Shaun Levett Interface Designer Shaun is renowned for his hilariously inacurate/offensive staff caricatures. With a fervid interest in Design & CSS, his talents do not extend to the kitchen. A diet of turkey twizzlers & chips has left him partially sighted, with a heart that could give out at any moment.
Charlotte Sherwood
Charlotte Sherwood Account Manager Charlotte has over 12 years experience in retail marketing having worked as a marketing manager for major UK retailers. Having been lured agency-side by Pull, Charlotte still loves all things retail, from developing successful...
Mark Matthews
Mark Matthews Digital Marketing Specialist Mark is a master of analytics and PPC, with the added bonus of looking slightly like Michael Knight (we think). If want your paid search campaign to really fly out of the blocks like KITT with the turbo engaged, Mark is your man!
Guillermo Muñoz
Guillermo Muñoz Digital Marketing Specialist The mysterious Spaniard, known as "the Praying Mantis" due to an ability to stay motionless for up to 8 hours at a time. While in this zen-like state he can scan thousands of web pages, implement countless keyword improvements, & increase search rank as if by magic.
Sara Bullick
Sara Bullick Agency Administrator Rumour has it that her bite is even more formidable than her Jack Russell’s bark. Kind to animals, Pull employees & clients, feared by late payers.
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