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How does your brand appear in search results? Although most of our clients are looking beyond scoring the #1 spot for their brand; towards securing a larger market share of valuable generic search phrases, it pays for every company to take care of their brand online – and nowadays, this mean how your brand appears in search.

“Home” isn’t a good search result title
Recently we were showing client Lee Cooper the before and after of search for the term “Lee Cooper”. Before rebuilding and optimising their sites, Lee Cooper were number one result, for a “Lee Cooper” search, but with the entry: “Home – Lee Cooper” and that was it. A Flash-only Home page and no meta-data meant that was the full scope of their presence on the page. The rest of the page was dominated by discount retailers vying to offer the biggest discount. Hardly a tribute to Lee Coopers brand values.

Dominate the results page with key messages
The Lee Cooper “after” result was a classic story of taking responsibility for your brand in search. How many brands miss the opportunity to use the hidden meta-description tag to get their key brand message across and leave this to fate? As you can see from the "after" result, we made sure that the title tag (the header in blue of a Google result) included other key targeted search terms, and the description tag (what appears underneath) was carefully chosen copy and not some random text picked up by Google. Also that the brand had “site links” – the subsidiary links under the main result listing (we’ll blog about how you get these later). Under that are two results for the online store we built, and under that three clips placed on YouTube. Net result? Lee Cooper, with a 100 year plus heritage as Britain’s leading jean brand has claimed all of the above-the-fold space on Google, with calculated search results demoting the previous jumble of brand claimants and discount retailers.

Not just a pretty result
Needless to say, the effect is not just better expression of the Lee Cooper brand values. Traffic to the Lee Cooper main site has doubled since we launched the new sites last November – trebled if you include the new Lee Cooper online store.

What about your brand?
Check it out. If what you see isn’t perfect. Talk to us, and we can help you re-claim your brand.


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