The Mobile App vs the Mobile Website - A Surrey Development Discussion!


We’ve been considering the mobile app vs the mobile site for some time now.  Why?  Because more than 7.1 million Brits now access the internet via mobile* and a lot of our clients are now asking the question.


Given that the barriers to internet consumption on mobile devices are rapidly fading away; mobile devices should always be a key consideration for any online marketing activity.  23% of all internet browsing time is from a mobile device and of that the average time spent surfing is now 32 minutes a day**

There are a number of mobile marketing options to consider (e.g. SMS) but our focus at present is on mobile apps and mobile websites.  But how do you know which will be most suited to your brand?  We’ve discussed this and offer you this snapshot of the respective pros and cons:

Mobile Site Pros:
* Instant access
* Easy to optimise
* Work on any browser
* Can offer ecommerce facilities
* Platform independent
* Easier to advertise and monitor
* All data on server – no need to worry about the data in client
* Always free for user to access

Mobile Site Cons:
* Don’t often have the same buzz as an app
* Require internet access

Mobile App Pros:
* Usually a fun/useful tool that is desirable
* Tend to offer a richer use user experience
* Tend to be used multiple times
* Can take advantage of the features of the device
* Can provide revenue if tool is has to be paid for

Mobile App Cons:
* Target has to go to the marketplace to find and install app
* Development resource usually significantly more than a mobile site
* Platform dependent though solutions such as can overcome this
* Changes and updates are more expensive
* Investment in apps is lost by the user if they change phone/platform

Obviously there is no right answer on the debate of mobile sits vs mobile app - both need careful consideration. As a rule of thumb a mobile app is probably a good choice if there is a niche audience that requires high level of functionality e.g. with a game or a banking app. A mobile site is probably more suitable for delivering content e.g. general information and shopping catalogues.

*Source: Internet Monitor Survey, Kantar Media, September 2010
** Source: UKOM/Nielsen, via AOP Digital Landscape Report, June 2010



Mickey Mixon
A lot of discussion to be discover but surely it will benefit the users.
05/07/2013 08:28:54

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