First Work We Do After Merger Wins Award!!

Straight in with a winner. Recently merged agencies Pull & Bite CP nabbed an award right from under the noses of other pretty big agencies at the Transform Awards, earlier this month.  We beat off competition from agencies like Interbrand, and won a bronze award for ‘Best Corporate Re-brand to Reflect a Re-positioning.’ Showing that a small agency like ourselves can still produce the same quality of work as the bigger fish out there. 

What’s more, we didn’t enter the competition! Our client 1ST CENTRAL did, after being so pleased with the finished product.

How it went down

1st CENTRAL are (a bit like us) a challenger brand – a car insurer who are prepared to offer no-nonsense value in a marketplace characterised by big TV spends and loud and lairy campaigns.
As their 1st CENTRAL‘s guidelines say: ‘We should worry big brands, not the other way round. . .’ 

So What Did Pull Do for 1st CENTRAL?

We refreshed the brand identity so that it was much more reflective of 1st CENTRAL’s personality – uncluttered, down to earth and to the point, placing the brand more assertively against the big boys, but at the same time providing a naturally sunny look and feel that doesn’t take itself too seriously.


In true makeover style...

Here are some before and after shots (sadly no pictures of clients crying with happiness).


Yup, that is indeed a one page document talking about Calibri...




A detailed and empowering document celebrating 1ST CENTRAL.


Confident, cheerful and ready to take on the world!


A few touching words from our Creative Director:


And here's Darren and our grinning clients at the Awards:



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