The best thing in B2B since the coffee machine

The Palate Enhancing ROI Converter is the ground breaking and innovative new customer centric B2B product from the dynamic people focused marketing solutions provider Pull.
This new end-to-end product has been specifically designed to enhance client relationships by understanding their needs and providing them with quality content they can’t get elsewhere.
Extensive research and observations carried out by the highly trained, out of box thinkers at Pull, has shown that this product, known colloquially as The Sweet Bowl gives B2B businesses intrinsic value. 

Product Development Expert Dean Corney claims ‘what we’ve found is that clients have been crying out for this kind of product for years and years. And we’re just here to give it to them. We’re more like liberators than marketers really’.
Sales for the Palate Enhancing ROI Converter have increased tremendously, with the Sweet Bowl being the most trending term on social communication solutions operator Twitter.
The CEO of BS Marketing Group Chris Bullick has described this new product as ‘a real jaw breaker.’
Questionable Sales Director Alex Blomfield has said ‘we’ve run out of stock already, some of our clients are threatening to go direct to pound stores, (our biggest competitor) so we’ve been working non stop trying to get more stock. We’re really overwhelmed by the demand for this product. The fact people that people like sweets is going to change the world and I’m really excited to be a part of that.’
The Marketing Manager at Easily Led Ltd, Darren Cornwall, has announced that he has found this product immensely appetising, and has invested a substantial amount of money into it. ‘The idea that you can eat sweets is beyond me. I always thought that mad designers were trying to make the reception look quirky. Those people at Pull are really quite nifty aren’t they?’
However not everyone has been taken in by the Palate Enhancing ROI Converter. Inventor and pioneer of the innovative user experience software, Very Complicated Things Manoj Shah, has dismissed the product as ‘distasteful.’
Despite Shah’s negative review, unique, awesome and full of marketing gurus, agency Pull has announced that this product truly is truly the dog’s nuts. And anyway what does Manoj know?!
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