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Welcome to our re-launched brand and website, and thanks for having a look at our first ever blog post. Considering it's what we do, I could not help thinking how challenging positioning our brand, defining the site architecture, and developing key messages had been.

Write bites
What always strikes me when we run positioning and key message workshops is this: How come the lucid things they say at these workshops aren't what got into the copy on their site? When we run these workshops, there are always some magic moments when our clients talk with passion and enthusiasm about their business, and out come these well rehearsed but compelling sound bites – which we make sure are used on their new or made-over websites. These work, because they come from the heart, they have been refined through practice, and are in plain English.

Builders block
Why, I always think, did these wonderful, engaging phrases not get used on their websites? Because no-one sits down and writes in sound bites. We write prose, like we were taught at school. And it doesn’t work on a website. What I would have done to have a couple of days locked away with a good facilitator and a white-board when we created our new site. I wonder if builders have the same problem planning improvements to their own house... ?

"Next speaker!"
The other thing that struck me, was what a great discipline creating a website is for any communicator. What would conferences be like if speakers knew that the audience would make their mind up about you in a twentieth of a second? That people would pay attention to them for five seconds, scan what you are about to say, and skip to the bits that interest them? Or that they would search for a better speaker in a flash, if you didn’t give them what they were looking for?

Well on that basis you might not have got this far. So if you have, thank you for your interest.


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