Only 20% of Advertisers Happy with PPC

Often when we win new business, we inherit the PPC campaigns that our clients’ previous agencies haphazardly assembled. We nearly always start the campaigns again after some business segmentation work and some strategic planning which cuts costs for our clients whilst increasing their conversions.

Following hearing so many horror stories, we ran an online survey to ask advertisers to rate their PPC experiences. Results demonstrate that only around 20% of those surveyed were happy with their PPC campaigns and the ROI produced. Another 20% felt that they were spending too much for the results they were seeing whilst 18% felt that they weren’t generating the right leads. 13% felt that their ROI was consistently reducing and the last 29% reported that they either didn’t know whether their campaigns were working, didn‘t feel their agency added value or felt that their agency had created such a muddle that it was impossible to track.

This goes to show how important a track record of transparency is. When looking for an online marketing agency it’s key to ask them to prove how they have acted with transparency and how they are interested in keeping PPC costs to a minimum whilst getting the best results (some agencies pick up commission from Google, so it’s in their interests to keep costs up). Other factors to look for from your agency include examples of clear campaign reporting, concise understanding of your business as well as proof that they proactive and will keep your nurturing your ads like their very own baby.

To do PPC well is difficult and takes a great deal of diligence and experience, so whoever you chose, make sure they really do care about your bottom line.


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