Facebook – Surely 30 million UK users can’t be wrong?

There are 2 ways of connecting your brand to your target audience:

•    Creating a branded Facebook Page
•    Facebook Ads

Creating a Facebook page gives you the opportunity to talk to your customers, interact with them and keep them up to date with the latest offers/news.  It builds a community where other like-minded individuals are able to share their experiences with each other.  This is something we encouraged when we designed and built a brand Facebook for our client Pure-Triumph.com:



We encourage customers to interact with each other on the brand Facbook by offering an incentive.  Every month a ‘Bike of the Month’ competition is run where users post a picture of their Triumph on the ‘wall’, with the winning photo earning $100 to spend within the store.  This has brought the brand to a whole new audience  and led directly to sales at the www.pure-triumph.com website.  But perhaps most importantly, now the Facebook has more than 1,000 likes it gives the store another channel (as well as email marketing and Twitter) to immediately reach a highly targeted audience.

The other type of promotion a brand can undertake on Facebook is targeted ads.  With Google Search you can only target by keywords, but as you have to register with Facebook, you are able to target by demographic, geography, likes, education etc. which means you can target exactly the type of people you think are relevant to your brand. 

Something else that is a fairly new concept to Facebook is ‘Sponsored Stories’ which promotes the organic interactions between people and your business.  The idea is that someone likes your page, interacts with your application, or checks-in to one of your locations and then a story about this activity is generated on their friends’ News Feed.  Say for example you have an app that you are trying to promote; by creating a ‘Sponsored Story’, every time someone likes the page, an ad is shown on all of their friends News Feed, encouraging people to engage with that App.



Adding Social Media to your brands marketing mix seems to be integral to understanding your consumer better, which in turn helps tailor other marketing activities within your mix.  There is some controversy over the ‘commercialisation’ of social media, but like it or not, branded use of social media is here to stay.  In discussions with our clients they seem to feel that they could watch the programme or be part of it.  On balance we and they think they should be part of it.


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