Three reasons why you shouldn’t use a PPC specialist

Considering a Pay Per Click Specialist for your PPC Management?

Don’t - and here are three reasons why not

1. Your supplier may have a conflict of interest
If they think your budget is big enough, Google will help some agencies set up your campaigns – those agencies might also get a cut of your media costs. Whose interest do you think they have at heart? Time and again, we inherit these campaigns at clients. Apart from the conflict of interest, the campaigns are normally chaotically organised. In the most extreme case, one client had 47 randomly named campaigns, and 107,000 key phrases. You will never successfully manage or optimise the ROI on this kind of setup.

Why’s Pull different?
Firstly we don’t let Google get involved with setting up your campaigns, nor do we take a cut of your media costs. Secondly, all our Internet Marketing is informed by traditional marketing best practice. So this means segmenting your products and targets and organising your campaigns around these. Simplicity beyond complexity counts in managing PPC.

2. Landing page design
If your PPC agency can’t do this, you may get traffic, but you won’t get conversions. The conversion funnel starts with your targets, and ends with a conversion on your site. That means you need purposeful design on your landing pages with proven layout, signposts and calls to action.

Why’s Pull different?
Our PPC specialists work hand-in-hand with our designers to ensure that your page converts, and we use eye-tracking to optimise conversions.

3. SEO
Google rates every client account, campaign and key phrase on a score out of 10. Factors include in-campaign ones your PPC specialist will understand – like click-through rates, but also landing page optimisation. This score impacts your position on the page, cost per click and therefore your effectiveness and ROI. No PPC campaign should be conducted without accompanying on-the-page optimisation.

Why’s Pull different?
Our PPC specialists work hand-in-hand with our SEO experts to ensure that your page gets you a 10/10 Quality score from Google.


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