Google Glass or Google Glasses?

A quick update on our blog a few weeks back on Google’s new innovation ‘Google Glasses’, or ‘Google Glass’ as they now seem to be called.  Well, more information has emerged that we wanted to share, along with the official video from Google which you will find at the end of this blog.

If you have ever taken your kids to a theme park, taken your loved one on a romantic holiday or raised your adrenaline on an extreme sports expedition, you will have no doubt come across people taken video’s on their smart phone.   You will often see these people taking a video from the side-lines and in some cases taking a video while doing an activity.  One of the features of these glasses is that it allows you to take pictures and videos while on the move.  It’s a bit like having a permanent video camera on your head.

Of course, this is not the only thing that these impressive glasses do.  They act like a heads-up display giving information at your fingertips (although fingers are no longer required)!  Say you want the weather; just say a few words and Google will display the current forecast.   Want to send an e-mail? No problem for ‘Google glass’.  It’s all voice activated so just tell the glasses what you want and hey presto.

The only down side we can ‘see ‘, is the price, which at $1,500 is a bit eye watering.  Like all new products, expect this to come down in the months following release.  Google has confirmed that ‘Google Glass’ will be released by the end of 2013 in the US, so expect them to hit our shores some time in 2014. So will people call them my ‘Google Glass’ or ‘Google Glasses’. . ?


going to change the view of technology gadgets.
21/09/2013 05:20:50

Thanks for your thoughts. It's hleped me a lot.
07/04/2013 15:58:40

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