SEO - How many terms can you reasonably target for your website?

Most SME’s face this search optimisation dilemma. The home page is their ‘best bet’ for search results, so the recommended strategy of creating separate pages for each topic or search term is not really realistic for them, as their PageRank gets sharply diluted inside their website (it shouldn’t – but that’s another story).

We were particularly chuffed to get to page one of Google for the term “Internet Marketing Agency” (36m results!), but after all we had targeted that term shortly after we launched Pull a year ago.

We were also delighted and surprised therefore to find that clients were clicking on the number one search result in Google for “Creative Design Agency Surrey” – us!

Would we expect to come up first for that term? No. Did we target that term? No. Do we see ourselves as a Creative Design Agency? Yes, but less than we see ourselves as an Internet Marketing Agency.

So how did it happen? We stream our blog onto our home page:

The result is regularly refreshed content, and one of the more recent blogs contained the c-word: ‘Creative’. Along with the existing meta-description words about ‘Agency’ – that did it.

And the morals of the story:

  1. You can reach page one of Google with your home page with several different terms provided you meet few of the normal criteria
  2. Check out what you are being found for, rather than just target the (maybe) impossible
  3. Stream your blog into your home page – Google will love the freshness
  4. Make sure you blog is about what you do – not what you had for dinner!


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