Social Media for Brands - Ten Dos & Don'ts

Do: Set goals. Efficient social media needs strategy, and that must sit within a wider marketing strategy. Doing social media for the sake of it will not help you achieve goals. Analysing and monitoring your social media will help you understand threats and opportunities.

Don’t: Delete negative comments. These present opportunities to give your company credibility when fans see that the matter is being resolved. Also, fans become very suspicious of companies who screen their social media. N.B. Spam and comments using offensive language should be deleted and the perpetrator blocked if necessary.

Do: Engage with purpose. Use social media to improve customer relations, monitor feedback and launch campaigns. The most successful company Facebook pages utilise competitions and exclusive offers to increase engagement.

Don’t: Publish repetitive content. If your company just uses social media to publish weekly reports fans will quickly become disengaged. Content should be interesting and doesn’t necessarily have to be totally relevant to your company or product. A good mixture is advised.

Do: Open up the floor. Asking fans about their opinion is an obvious way to engage but encouraging them to engage with each other is also very effective. It reminds fans your social media page is a shared platform - most just enjoy voicing their opinion. You don’t have to respond to every comment, although fans addressing you directly should achieve a response.

Don’t: Forget to listen as well as tell. Social media is a two-way conversation and is not a place to constantly push marketing messages. Behaving like social media is just free advertising will actively disengage your fans.

Do: Direct customer service issues offline. This should be used in more concerning cases where the issue is better resolved out of public view. Use cross-departmental communication to resolve customer service issues and be ready to alert your company to potential negative PR situations.

Don’t: Forget to be human. Fans reaching your company through a social media platform are looking for the real face of your company, not a faceless brand. The most effective company social media pages let the humanity of employees shine through. When responding to fans the tone should be friendly and warm not corporate.

Do: Respond quickly. Social media platforms are instant and should be treated that way. Streamline the internal decision-making process to improve the speed of reactions on social media platforms. With more complex customer service issues respond immediately stating that the problem is being looked into. If you delay responding to comments, positive or negative, the conversational tone will be lost.

Don’t: be afraid to utilise Facebook advertising. Take advantage of the precise targeting Facebook offers and experiment with small budget ads to start with. Regularly update ads to maintain interest.

Do consider signing up for our social media introductory course if you are in the B2B industry. 


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