Open Source Vs. Licenced

Here at Pull Digital we've always been of the ‘right tool for the right job’ mindset and this includes choosing the right software to utilise for our clients’ projects. Having researched multiple options for both open source software (OSS) and licenced platforms, we chose Kentico and ASPDNSF, licenced content management systems (CMS). Why?

We are happy to work on a variety of platforms but we favour Kentico and ASPDNSF (depending on our clients’ requirements) for the following reasons:

  1. Highly stable, thoroughly tested and with a full-time Q&A team and seven day bug fixing policy
  2. The source code is only available to a limited amount of paying customers
  3. Product strategy is driven by customers and market trends
  4. Easy upgrade policy due to compatibility with zero risk of data loss
  5. Diverse and fully-integrated features available out-of-the-box
  6. Clear pricing structure
  7. First class security and performance

We’re one of only 19 Kentico Gold Certified Partners in the UK (and only one of three within a 40 mile radius of London) so if you are looking for a safe bet, with all the bells and whistles in an affordable package, let us know!


It's a pleasure to find someone who can think so clearly
22/10/2012 10:17:36

This aritlce went ahead and made my day.
14/09/2011 09:09:53

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