The Rise of Mobile in PPC

Some have said that the pace of change is slowing, but If we rewind the clock just five years, there was no iPhone, no Galaxy and no tablet computers.  If you wanted to check the latest score of your football team, or find out where the nearest bank machine is, you either had to ask the nearest stranger or go to the nearest computer and check the internet.  With the invention of the Smart Phone and Tablets, information has suddenly become available virtually anywhere we are.  In fact in a recent survey ‘making calls’, the historic purpose of a phone, is only the 5th most popular activity among smart phone users behind browsing the web, using social media, listening to music and playing games.  In the UK today 40% of adults are using a Smart Phone. 

The graph below shows the rise of mobile searches vs. computer for one of our clients.

Mobile Search Traffice

Computer Search Traffic

It’s clear that over the past year there has been an explosion in the amount of mobile search traffic that is set to continue. 

So what does this mean for our client’s PPC accounts?  It means we have to start thinking about targeting users differently in terms of the device they see the ad on.  The first step to consider is splitting your high volume driving campaigns into 2 separate campaigns.  One aimed at desktop and the other at Mobile and or Tablets.  The reason is that campaign metrics will be significantly different on a desktop than on a mobile, and consequently your CPC will be different.  On Desktops you may get to position 1 with a bid of £1, whereas on mobile you may only need a bid of 50p.  Separating the campaigns out allows you to customise your bidding to the 2 different devices, and not over-bid on one.  It also allows you to customise your ads for Mobile users whose attitude to browsing the web will probably be a bit different.  Take the following as an example:
Example PPC Adverts

The ad on the right has been tailored to Mobile users, and hopefully would see a better click through rate and conversion on a mobile.

It’s clear that Smart Phones and Tablets are here to stay, and it is the job of marketers to be clever, not only within PPC, but the whole digital spectrum, in how they target this group.  At Pull Digital we are always looking for new and innovative ways to get our client’s message across using the latest technology at our disposal, and really enjoy the changing digital landscape and the challenges it provides.


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