Kentico vs. WordPress: If you’re serious, use Kentico


As you know we develop and build a lot of different websites across a wide variety of industries. Almost all of them are built on Kentico.
As far as we’re concerned, it’s the best platform on the market. It helps fulfil our client’s requirements whilst also making sure that the website is as secure and reliable as possible.
As an overview, most serious developers consider WordPress an adequate platform for a blog, but not really for a corporate-grade website – unless perhaps for a very small business, or one that expects the site to be very passive and never be likely to be integrated, interactive or deliver any level of functionality.
Arguably the biggest issue with WordPress – like all open source applications is that the upside that there’s no commercial owner – is also it’s weakness. There is no one focal point for resource, knowledge and support – you depend on the support of the community, and you are dependent on the eccentricity of your individual build, and potentially someone else down the track working out how your site has been built and how to support it.
The sites we’ve built on Kentico have had very few problems, and the majority of them are running smoothly without regular maintenance. Even though some of them were built five to six year ago.
By contrast, in the same time period a typical open-source site would have had many patches and plug-in updates etc. And almost certainly a number of security scares.  Most operators of open source sites from WordPress and Magento would have had to audit their websites for vulnerabilities after the recent Heartbleed https issue.  A recent survey showed that one third of these sites had vulnerabilities.
Compare that to Kentico. Our Kentico sites were completely unaffected by the Heartbleed virus.

Why Kentico?


Support / Reliability

Kentico has a full time quality assurance team, 7 days a week 24 hours a day who are working behind the scenes fixing bugs, blocking potential security breaches etc. before they even become apparent to the user, therefore creating a very stable, secure professional and reliable platform.
If you were to compare that with WordPress or another open source platform, they rely on the community to improve and develop, which in turn does not give you any guarantees.
Although WordPress are actively upgrading their software to repair and avoid any security breaches, there is a waterfall effect from this. WordPress relies on plug- in’s from a 3rd party to complete a site.
For example, if you wanted to have a news-feed, video streaming or an image carousel, you would need to add a ‘plug-in’ for each element. These plug-ins are free, but, as the updates from WordPress happen, the plug-ins can become incompatible and therefore would stop working on the site until either each plug in is updated or a new plug-in is installed.
On Kentico these come as part of the package owned and maintained by Kentico themselves. So upgrades are run across all the different elements to ensure they all work together seamlessly.

Ease of CMS

Like WordPress, Kentico is really easy to use. And the unique content tree structure, keeps everything logical and easy to find. Even for people with little to no web development experience. Meaning our clients can edit the content on their websites themselves, without having to ask their or our IT department for help.


Kentico also has an optional ‘enterprise marketing suite’.  This allows are clients to easily carry out marketing automation useful for prospect tracking, lead scoring and the overall management of prospects
Ultimately, it allows you to serve personalised content to your visitors which is triggered by whether (for instance) they are more interested in men’s clothes or women’s clothes (if you’re a retailer).
Kentico is also designed to easily integrate with other solutions like workflow management. Making internal work processes easier. It also integrates well with, which some of our clients love.
We’re not knocking WordPress. Of course, it’s got perks too! But if you want a serious website, a website that contributes to your sales process, that is both secure, reliable and easy to use, then choose Kentico. 
Contact us now if you want a Kentico powered website.



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