Are You Bidding On Brand Terms? You Should Be.

Working in search marketing we get asked a lot of questions about Google. 
By far the most frequent question we get asked is:

‘Why should I bid on my own brand terms if I’m already number 1 on organic search?’

Most people argue that you don't need PPC on brand terms if your organic listings are number 1 already. Those people are wrong.
And here’s why.

They affect your revenue

Research done by Econsultancy has found that investing in brand paid search delivers incremental revenue, and pausing them can actually decrease your total revenue.

You can dominate the Google results page

Bidding on brand terms increases the amount of ‘real estate’ you have on Google. This in turn can create a barrier for your competitors’ results.
EE are a great example. If we search for EE, we can see that the results page is full of their organic and paid results.

Virgin mobile on the other hand have no paid ads and although their organic listings are number 1, their Google ‘real estate’ is only taking up a fraction of the page and it’s confusing for the user which link actually takes you to the home page.


They Enhance User Experience

With paid ads you can take people to specific landing pages and promote offers you can’t easily do with SEO.
BA is a good example as their paid ads have links to cheap flights to Europe and highlights a page dedicated to ‘special offers’.  This ties in with another benefit of paid ads in that you can tailor your ads and be more creative than you can with SEO.

They stop other brands from stealing your clicks

Take for example the betting site Bet365.  Here’s what happens when you search for them:
You can see that Paddy Power (their competitor) is bidding on the term ‘bet 365.’ But because Bet 365 are also bidding on their own brand terms, they are stopping Paddy Power from reaching the top of the page.

Brand terms are cheaper

The cost of bidding on brand terms is cheaper than bidding on generic terms. Tweet

For one of our clients, brand terms accounted for 29% of their sales at only 0.7% total cost!

They improve your quality score

One of the major factors that determines how much you pay per click is what Google calls your ‘quality score’ and is ranked from 1 -10. The better your quality score, the more likely you are to pay a lower price for a click. Quality scores are determined by a number of factors but one of the main ones is your click through rate.
Branded terms always have good click through rates because people are actively looking for your brand. And so they’ll give you a high quality score. This will effect the overall quality score of your account, increasing the chances of achieving a better quality score on your generic campaigns.


You should bid on brand terms if you aren’t already. Brand terms can’t be overlooked in PPC advertising, even if you’re already winning with your organic results. They add real value to your marketing campaign as a whole and add some great benefits for your customers too. 
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