E-commerce Migration Checklist

You want to migrate an ecommerce store across platforms?

If you want to lose SEO ranking, waste your marketing spend and alienate customers, migration could be the best way of damaging the bottom line ...

Migrating to a new e-commerce platform is a challenging task. Whether it’s to improve internal systems integration, enhance functionality, improve visibility or just plain scalability, you want to be certain, that you need to do it, and ensure you do it right.

So you’ve probably questioned your motivations over and over but there’s no escaping the fact – If you do it now it will pay for itself sooner.

Migration means a few critical checks, get them right and you will increase return… Ignore them and you risk everything.

Redirects / URLs:
If the old platform has pages already indexed on search engines it’s essential to redirect those pages to the equivalent on the new platform. Without this, the site will lose a significant volume of business.

Google PPC:
Evaluate external links - for example redirecting a PPC campaign might have significant consequences. An advert may have built up a high quality score, and changing the destination URL can impact this. Forgetting to redirect PPC campaigns sounds obvious, but there’s a lot to consider in the move.

Data Transfer:
This can be really tricky as data needs to be transferred in various formats; there are many tools that can aid this process. It makes sense to break down the structure to industry norms, and sites like Amazon have good product data specification datasheets that can be great references.
Don’t forget other data like user information and order history may also need to be migrated.

Don’t forget analytics reporting will need to be reconfigured ASAP. Update funnels and change goal pages right away – you’ll need to review the site at the earliest possible date and make any alterations.

It’s easy to underestimate a new platform with a high level of functionality. At first glance it seems complex to use - this learning curve can often be avoided with some upfront training.

Existing Users:
Most people don’t respond well to change, and existing loyal customers may initially find the new platform awkward to use, particularly if they are used to the older system. Their data may change or order history lost when such a change happens. They need to be sold the benefits of the new system and be reassured on their way through the journey.

So, if you really, really feel you have to migrate, just make sure you consider all the pitfalls and use the above list as a reference. 


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