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How many people have not Googled their own name?
We’ve blogged before about re-profiling corporate clients so that they dominate page one of Google for a brand name search. But at Pull Digital we think that the next logical step is to do that for people.

And how many have secretly felt that the priority accorded by Google to their namesakes, should have gone to them?

How many people have felt that they should really have their own website? That their company’s site, or Facebook or LinkedIn with their inflexible layouts and ugly looks just won’t do.
Well thanks to some mashable technologies, anyone can do that fast – read on and we can tell you how to get to number one in Google with your very own website.
Step 1
Go to, and create your very own web page – for free. Simply pick your very most favourite image, add it, and then link to anything else you like – Your company site, your Twitter account, Facebook, Flickr – you name it. Suddenly ‘Me all over the web’ is pulled together behind a shop-front of your own choice.
Step 2
This is where it gets much more interesting. Upgrade to a premium account and now you can do a bunch of things to push aside all that ‘name-jacking’ by etc. and all those business that are purporting to sell the keys to your online self.

Step 3
Now you can add your to the domain name of your choice (you mean you didn’t register while you could?) OK, well it’s not too late to register something similar. So register that domain and apply to your account.
Step 4
Now submit that domain name to the search engines, do the meta-data and let the optimisation magic get to work. Send some Googly-rich links the way of your home page – and before you know it – you should be out-ranking all those imposters with your name.
Step 5
You can even add Google Analytics to your Home page and ghoulishly check where all your visits come from.
OK, so not everyone cares about being number 1 search result for their name – and some would probably pay good money not to be. But as we have said about corporate brands – why leave things to fate? If you need to manage your online profile – take control.

You can see Pull staffers personalised home pages below. Chris & Paul went the whole hog and put their site onto their own domain names: and and made the Featured Gallery on Simon has his on the domain:

If Steps 2-5 don’t look like your personal cup of tea, we can help! If any aspect of personal online reputation management interests you – get in touch, we just might be able to give your personal online brand makeover.


Now we know who the ssebnile one is here. Great post!
22/10/2012 11:47:50

Wonderful explanatoin of facts available here.
20/10/2012 12:57:38

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