Tripping over your words

There’s a lot of marketing lingo out there and it’s always a struggle to keep up with the latest additions, especially in the age of Web 2.0 (uh-oh, is that marketing lingo?!)

However, for some people, everyday phrases seem to be just as much of a struggle. Day-to-day, we come across some howlers from various sources that seem to defy logic and most of the time, belief. For example:

- An early start is essential if you want to make the most of your day, so why not be “up at the crack of sparrows”?

- If metaphysics is your thing, why not ponder over this question for a while… “If a bear shits in the woods, does anybody hear?

- Ever had that feeling that you’ve been somewhere before, you know… a “Dajé Vu”?

- What about when something is difficult to judge and you don’t know which option to choose… you’ve just got to take a “shot in the air.”

- However, sometimes the decision you make turns out to be the wrong one and you may feel that you’ve “kicked yourself in the foot.”


All good ones, however, last but certainly not least ironic is this recent belter, “Presumption is the brother of all cock-ups.”

These are just a few good’uns, but if you’ve heard (or dropped) any clangers yourself, don’t be shy, share them with us.


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