Localising PPC Campaigns

In the current era of the internet it is impossible to ignore the importance of Google and its ability to reach potential customers whether they are in the UK or on the other side of the world.
Using Google and specifically PPC you can target users on the other side of the world and customise your ads to that specific market.

This is one of the challenges we faced here at Pull Digital with one of our clients ‘Pure Ducati’.   We started to find that we were increasingly getting significant traffic and sales from customers outside of our main market and in particular Australia.   We therefore created a campaign on its own that specifically targeted just Australia, and it meant that we could tailor our ads specifically to just the Australian market.

Imagine for example you are in the hunt for a new ‘Ducati leather jacket’ and you are based in Australia.  You conduct a search for ‘Ducati Jackets’ on Google and come across the following results page:

Localised PPC Campaign

The top 2 Paid Ads are country specific and engages more with the local audience.  As a result, more people are likely to click on the ad and land on your site.

The results…..CTR% significantly increased, sales are on the up and our CPS has been driven down!

Loaclised PPC Ad

3.54% CTR (Before)

Localised PPC Ad

4.33% CTR (After)

For anyone thinking of targeting overseas remember to ‘think global, act local'.


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