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How to make a Kentico CMS Website with extension less URLs (“/Home” instead of “/Home.aspx”)

Note: These instructions were written for Kentico CMS 6.0 but quite probably will work on version 5.5 R2.

Why an extension less URL?

  • The URL is human friendly!
  • Helpful for SEO purposes
  • Data migration is easier (as is URL identification)
Should data migration ever be required (moving a website to a new platform), from a software processing point of view, extension less URLs make it easier for software processing for the URL format is reliably consistent and certain parts of a web site can easily be identified in software:

  • A sub section would recorded as”/Folder/”
  • A page would be recorded as “/Home”. (No end slash)
  • And the mixed file type issue doesn’t happen: .txt, .htm, .html, etc

How is it done in Kentico CMS?

Changes need to be made in two (2) places. In the file system, so make sure you have FTP access or some sort of file based access to the site. And in the CMS itself.

Step 1 - File system changes (Web.config)

Two locations: 1) <system.web> AND <system.webServer>

Add the sections as marked in yellow and, if applicable, change the paths at “redirect”.  Usually what you see below is what you would use.

Kentico - web.config file

The <customErrors> mode was set to "On" later.
Kentico - web.config file

Step 2 - Kentio CMS configuration

It is good practice to create a “Page Not Found” page.

Make sure that a page in the CMS Tree exists (“Not Found”).

Kentico CMS Tree

And that it’ll be used when needed:

Kentico CMS Site Manager - Page Not Found configuration

Configure the “URL format” section at “URLs and SEO” in Kentico CMS Site Manager.

In particular leave setting “Friendly URL extensions” blank and the tool tip explains why. By leaving this setting blank, the URL for the page takes after its “alias path” name (with “-“ used in place of a space).

Kentico CMS Site Manager - URLs and SEO section

Whilst the above settings should work in most configurations; we have sometimes run into issues with IIS. These generally will need to be reviewed on a case by case basis.

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