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Using Unicode characters in the Meta Description or Title Tag

Unicode characters give you the opportunity to increase your Organic Click Through Rate as the characters are proven to be more impactful to the user when they are displayed in a search engine results Page (SERP).

They have been used in traditional B2C markets for some time and are seen as a way to differentiating yourself from your competitors.

The aim of these characters is to catch the attention of your our audience. For example some Meta changes to our website and 3M Select below:

If you don’t know which symbols and characters to use, take a look at these links giving examples along with their code.


Blog Post Update - 07/09/2012

We recently reviewed a site where we had amended the Meta data to include Unicode. See the results below. Based on this it looks like the changes helped to improve the CTR by approx. 3%. A good result and some proof that this approach has an affect! We will keep an eye on some other sites where we implemented Unicode and report back soon.

Pure Ducati

1st July 2012 to Aug 31 2012

Terms                          Number of Impressions      Clicks      CTR

Ducati accessories     4500                                    336          8%
Ducati clothing             3000                                    342        11%
Ducati apparel             4500                                    141          3%

1st July 2011 to Aug 31 2011                              

Terms                          Number of Impressions      Clicks      CTR

Ducati accessories     4500                                     168        4%                                    
Ducati clothing             3000                                     289        6%
Ducati apparel             4500                                     233        5%

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