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Impressive debug facility in Kentico CMS 6.0

Where is the debug facility and how to use it?

When working with software from other companies and something goes wrong, it can be helpful to understand what is taking place behind-the-scenes. The Kentico CMS 6.0 engineers, have clearly put a lot of relevant thought into the debugging facility of Kentico CMS for Version 6 - to deliver the information required for assisting diagnosis of the (technical) fault.

What can be debugged?

  • Cache access
  • SQL Queries
  • IO
  • Page ViewState
  • Output
  • Security
  • Macros
  • Analytics
  • Requests
  • Web Farm
Just how useful can the SQL Queries debug option be?

Shown is the actual T-SQL (or sproc) for use with the database and the data involved (for the page being examined).

And IO?

And ViewState?

It's always nice to be reassured that data for the ViewState is actually there (for the page being examined).

And Macros?

Forgotten what macros might be in use on a page? Haven't got the time to go through every possible macro option on every Web part setting? Turn on macro debugging and if there is one in use it'll show up.

And Requests?

See the sequence of events involved with producing a page.

What did we achieve?

The screenshots above are of debugging the Corporate Site home page.

What have we achieved by using the Kentico CMS debug facility (of which relate to using Kentico Web parts etc?):

  • Find out running database operations - queries being run (T-SQL/sprocs) AND the data involved
  • Find out what part(s) of the CMS code are being used.
  • Where custom code is dependant on Kentico code (API calls): find out what the API may be doing.
The Kentico debug facility is not a replacement for the powerful debug capabilities of Visual Studio. It is for assisting developers who need Kentico related data pertaining to the operation of the page/webpart/widget (and who may not have access to Visual Studio).

Without question, insight into what Kentico CMS is doing behind-the-scenes is invaluable under the right technical and problem based conditions.

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