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WordPress vs Kentico – Why the WordPress editable interface just isn’t that good


As a developer I came across an issue with the WordPress editable interface, which I have yet to solve attractively.

The Challenge I encountered:

  • I wanted to create a 3-column template that the user can use to select and quickly identify the area of the page they’re editing.
  • I want multiple content areas in the page edit interface positioned side by side.

WordPress’s solution:

Personally I couldn’t find a solution with default WordPress. I used a plugin called “Advanced Custom Fields”. Which allows you to create multiple content areas and assign them to templates (as long as you reference the tags in the template).

This was the best solution I came across. I mean there probably are other plug-ins that do a similar thing, but this is the one I ended up using.

The downfall of “Advanced Custom Fields” is that it just lists the editable fields underneath each other. Which to a user doesn’t look like a 3 column template. You can title each field, which I had done (Column 1, Column 2, Column 3) but I wasn’t 100% satisficed as the editable interface just looked really ugly. And it was very hard to tell what parts edited what on the page.

Kentico’s solution:

Kentico, out of the box is a very attractive interface. It allows you to have as many editable fields as you want, you can style these fields easily and have them positioned around the editable interface wherever you please.

Kentico shows you what your page looks like while editing, so you can know exactly what 

Kentico has a similar feature to “Advanced Custom Fields” but much more complex, which they have called “Document types”.


Let’s imagine you have a page with multiple straplines, quotes, etc., you can reference these in the document type and use a “Transformation” (mini template) to style these up and place them wherever on the page.

By using Kentico I can choose to have everything editable by the user (if I wanted to), rather than being limited to what can be edited like WordPress.

Kentico’s Editable Interface:


Wordpress' Editable Interface


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