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Managing Information Overload

When thinking about managing information in some detail, one thought was that having an archive of information on the project could be helpful for a variety of reasons. One was if key personnel are on holiday and caretaker staffs have to take over – they have the project’s history and issues at their disposal.
Another is rooted in the opportunity that a sophisticated information management tool provides by way of its documentary nature: a learning resource. A treasure trove of information spanning development issues, client feedback matters, and a TO DO list, when put together in the ways that evolve, paint a picture of a project that could help future information enquiries.
Having worked with Gemini in the past, our Lead Developer organised it for the project. It was used for a central resource:
Bug reporting and resolution tracking
TO DO list – matters of:
  • Content creation/management
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Client feedback
  • Data migration
  • SEO
Document storage:
  • Client briefs and company presentations
  • Other special documents
And, from a team-work perspective, to help team members stay in touch with the project.
Gemini, at first sight, is overwhelming. It takes time to get comfortable with it and to know it well for purposes of effective use. While it was used for a software development project, it can be used in other (non-technical) undertakings like a home renovation project, where there are lots of things to do and keep in mind.
Customisable, a certain amount was done for the project of application (specific information) and, quite literally, Gemini did “fit like a glove” afterward as claimed by the company behind it, CounterSoft.

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