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Kentico EMS Processing Online Activities Setup

The default setting out of the box for logging analytics activity in the Kentico EMS is to process temporary files every minute.

Lucky for us Kentico have provided a number of options to override this default behaviour.

We could either reduce the interval of purging the file changes to the database or even log them directly into the database.

To log changes directly to the database, simply add the following key to the web.config file:

<add key="CMSLogActivityImmediatelyToDB" value="true">

To process activities every few seconds do the following:

1) In Site Manager -> Settings -> System, allow the Use external service setting and set the Service scheduler interval to the required number of seconds
2) In Site Manager -> Administration -> Scheduled tasks, edit the Process activities log task: Check the Use External services
3) Use the Kentico Services Manger to install the Kentico CMS Scheduler service if this has not been done already.

The advantage of sending data directly to the database is that all reporting will show real time results, this is probably quite a good option if the site does not have a huge volume of traffic and where immediate reporting could result in a sale, obviously database size needs to be monitored and its probably a good idea to do some periodic maintenance on the database. Generally in our view the EMS Reporting features are really good at giving granular data about individuals we would certainly recommend that a product like Google Analytics in addition to the EMS for aggregated reporting.

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