NEC is a best practice contracting, procurement and project management process targeted at the building industry, and the site is the key source of products and information for the NECs core product, NEC3. In summer 2013 Pull beat tough competition to win the pitch to build the new NEC website for the Institution of Civil Engineers.


NEC Website


Site goals

The key goal was to communicate and allow purchasing of a complex offering of products and services to a diverse range of customers, incorporating various tiers of membership.

There were two sites powered through the same instance of Kentico (the platform chosen for the project), targeting different market segments, whilst centralising the administration.

Various devices such as a configuration wizard were used to help visitors navigate to the appropriate products and services

The site needed to accommodate the following product types that all had their own nuances:

  • Training: This incorporated delegates in the shopping cart and various localisation aspects in the listings e.g. promoting New Zealand content when a user is from that location.
  • Events: Accommodating various delegates.
  • Digital Contracts: Using document rights management (DRM) system to protect digital documents and allowing a seamless purchase on the site.
  • Books: Special pricing for members.
  • Membership: Allowing complex subscriptions with personalised pricing for each tier of membership and integrating it with Salesforce.
  • Allowing content editors to manage their section of the site effectively and efficiently

Site objectives

The main objective was to create efficiencies and maintain data quality, the following are examples on how this was achieved:

  • Sync for product data from Salesforce. Content was pushed from Salesforce to Kentico when a product was web enabled, if Kentico was used to update the information this would be the default source for the product.
  • Contacts had a bi directional synchronisation with the back office CRM.
  • The user registration process consisted of tying in existing users with the CRM system as well as associating them with the relevant company.
  • Increase reach and sales.

The results

  • Two months since its launch the new NEC website is delivering 22% more users com pared with the previous year’s period.
  • The bounce rate has decreased by 10%.
  • There has also been a 10% increase in organic search visits.

Some Of Our Clients

  • First-Central
  • Boux-Avenue
  • Conversis
  • John-Lewis
  • EY
  • Kompan
  • Living-Streets
  • Meteor
  • OSI
  • Schwarzkopf
  • GoCycle
  • SSTL
  • Chaucer-Direct
  • TurtleMat
  • UK200Group
  • ASDA
  • Vinci
  • Zoggs

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