A true British success story; SSTL lead the world in the development and launch of small satellites. Pull helped SSTL develop a new brand in 2007. Since that time we've created marketing and exhibition material for use across the world.

Most recently we have re-developed SSTL's entire web portfolio including UK and US sites, an intranet and one of the first satellite e-commerce sites in the world. All these sites were built on our enterprise content management system, Kentico CMS.

SSTL Brand Identity


We worked with Surrey Satellite Technology to develop a strong and memorable identity, complete with key messaging, photographic styles and brand guidelines - tailoring appeal to each of their audience segments.

This kicked-off with a brand positioning workshop involving 25 of the key stakeholders from each area of the business which defined SSTL's core proposition.  "The worlds largest small-satellite provider"

To support the new position and creating a cohesive link amongst the four areas of the business we created four identities.  Namely: Surrey Satlellites, Surrey Satellite LLC, Surrey Satellite Launch and Surrey Satellite Limited.



SSTL Kentico CMS Website


We created a simple design with a modular, easily adaptable homepage to allow SSTL to change content easily while keeping a clear structure to the site.

SSTL have some fantastic imagery, so this was used throughout the site in animation and static.


SSTL Kentico CMS Portal


As we were developing two new sites and an e-commerce store for SSTL using Kentico, it seemed like the perfect time to also create a new internal portal on the same platform.

After some consultancy and specification development, we created wireframes and site structure diagrams detailing the full design and development process. These were presented and fully agreed before project commencement.

The new CMS and structure gave different departments far more flexibility to create and administer internal information, and integration with various current systems and feeds meant general efficiencies were made.

We deployed the final site on SSTL's internal server.

SSTL Brochure


A 24 page SSTL corporate brochure was launched in conjunction with new identity, website and supporting sales collateral.  Cohesively following the position of the 'world's largest small satellite provider' we demonstrated the company's expertise through a mixture of themed page spreads.  Using full bleed format, engaging hi-res imagery and distinctive typography - each spread is a business region in its own right with its own audience and needs.

With such hi-res multi-spectral imagery, the print process was critical.  We used a 170gsm, highly dense silk stock for internal pages - machine varnished to protect the heavy ink usage.  The cover was scored and folded 350gsm coated board, with matt lamination and spot UV.  We highlighted the title and 3D imagery using the spot vanish to stand out against the 'space' backdrop and created a real illusion of depth using hard-wearing print finishes.

SSTL Stand


We have assisted SSTL with stand graphics for shows across the world. As with most of the exhibition work we do, there is usually a tight time-scale and various parties involved. However, with SSTL as with all clients, we have a 100% record of delivering on time, even if that means getting in a car and driving it their ourselves!

SST-US (SSTL) Kentico CMS E-commerce Store


SSTL are pioneers in small satellite production, a true UK success story.

Now expanding globally we were asked to help develop a US only e-commerce store selling products, in addition to full satellite platforms.

The site required a very high level secure registration and payment system to allow only genuinely US-based visitors to access pricing and payment and purchases could be for over $1 million. The multi-level verification e-commerce store also had to give both customer and SST-US a very efficient sales process. 

Working with the SSTL sales team Pull created a product structure and purchasing strategy to deal with the geographic purchase challenge.

The launch of such a unique site has provoked curiosity in the space community and beyond.  SSTL are looking to continue to develop the site, to add extra functionality, and to refine product categorisation and presentation.  SSTL are also considering a version of the site for UK customers. 

STRaND Facebook Competition


We designed a competition page for our client SSTL, the leading provider of small satellites. To take part, Facebook fans of the STRaND-1 Mission had to upload their own ideas for an app that could be used in space. The winning idea was then loaded on to an Android phone and attached to a Nanosatellite travelling round the earth!

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